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Clearly Hear 75- Day Money Back Guarantee


If for whatever reason you aren’t 100% happy with our hearing aids, you can return them to us within 75 days of placing your order for a full refund. It’s very simple and there are no discussions.


If you are not fully satisfied with the sound quality or amplification settings on the hearing aid, the device might require some re-programming. We offer these adjustments for free for the life of the hearing aid and would simply ask you to contact customer support at 1-888-320-5339 and we can better assist you.


If you are returning your hearing aids during the 75-day span because they stopped working correctly, after correctly first and/or do the following checks:

– Clean the tubes, end pieces and ducts
– Insert new batteries
– Make sure the device is switched on

Product Warranty

All our hearing aids come with a full 12 months manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Except the Quick Fit model only comes with a 6 month warranty. The guarantee will not be valid if a Clearly Hear device has been modified by the user, or if the serial number has been altered, or if repairs have been made without the consent and knowledge of Clearly Hear.